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Additional Information cards

More Information

You may wish to give your guests additional information about your wedding along with the wedding invitation. This often includes details such as accommodation nearby, local taxi numbers, a map or directions and gift list numbers. Coordinating these with your wedding invitations will make the whole package work well together.

We offer two options for this. One is our additional information cards with details below, the other is to have additional inserts. Please click here to find out more about this second option.

Details about our Additional Information Cards

Our additional information cards are flat postcard style and designed to be smaller than the wedding invitation so that they fit neatly inside the wedding invitation. The design coordinates beautifully with the wedding invitations and can have whatever information you require adding to it. We can print single and double sided information cards.

Size: This varies depending on the wedding invitation it is designed to fit inside.

Card Stock: The additional information cards are printed on quality 350gsm card.